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At Nuttersons, our values are of the utmost importance to us. They affect our work ethic, our hiring process, and our plans for the future. This means they also affect those that we work with.


Kevin Parry

Kevin works as Creative Director at Nuttersons. He is our boss and you can find him working with clients and team members to come up with ideas for new brands. He is in charge of reviewing the work we have in progress and leading a creative team to exceed our clients expectations.

I love working with people and creating something for them of great value. I get my satisfaction from helping others achieve their goals.

Kevin Parry

Get to know Kevin Parry


What do others say about you?

They would say that I am friendly, tea lover, a good singer and an amazing boss!

What do you love about your job?

I like the people I work with. Everyone is great to be around. This is vital when everyone is working hard to achieve a tight deadline.

Tell me one dream of yours...

I would like to go to the moon in my lifetime!

...And the best way to enjoy free time after work?

Spending time both with friends and family but also having some good quality me time to recharge my batteries.

Projects Kevin has worked on…

"I have worked on Kids Feeding Team, the career form submission, email signatures and SLT for Kids. That one had required me to build a site from the ground up, bringing a 1 page site into a whole new brand, this was fun and exciting to see a company grow into such a fun and creative site."


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