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Web Developer

Matthew Windle

Matt works as a Web Developer at Nuttersons. He got a first class degree in Web Development at the Manchester Metropolitan University. He is mainly in charge of our internal projects that are going to help create an online presence for our businesses.

The freedom I have to work on my own projects, allows me to meet any clients’ requirements. I am given the project outline with a set deadline and it is up to me to manage my time effectively ensuring the best results. That’s what I love the most.

Matthew Windle

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What do others say about you?

I would probably say others think I am pretty loud, but also funny.

How are you growing in your career at Nuttersons?

Getting frequent feedback from project leaders has made me a better web developer.

The most challenging project you have worked on at Nuttersons?

Me, matt and Ste are working on a internal system that will help updating all our internal sites more effectively. This project has presented many challenges in the early stages, but it is also one of the most fun I have worked on.

The best way to enjoy free time after work?

I normally spend a lot of spare time playing online video games or catching up on TV shows.

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Projects Matt has worked on…

"I have worked on Kids Feeding Team, the career form submission, email signatures and SLT for Kids. That one had required me to build a site from the ground up, bringing a 1 page site into a whole new brand, this was fun and exciting to see a company grow into such a fun and creative site."

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