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Web Developer

Barry Tickle

Barry works as a Web Developer at Nuttersons. He has a 1st Class Honours Degree in Web Design & Development at Edge Hill University. Barry looks into user experience with our clients’ websites and helps them to find new ways of saving the business time and money.

I love the community within the office, it’s always nice to be able to work in such a welcoming environment. Working in Nuttersons is rewarding towards the end of each project as the results always tend to be significant.

Barry Tickle

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What do others say about you?

That I’m quite chatty! But I find also that I can be friendly with new and existing members of the team.

How are you growing in your career at Nuttersons?

I feel as though my skills and confidence in the web industry have grown since I had first started at Nuttersons. I feel that our process has improved quite a lot allowing us to build better quality products while developing on a smoother timeline.

The best way to enjoy free time after work?

I am a huge fan of cars, so car meets different events such as that is something I love doing. The moment I spot one I’m pretty much guaranteed to be there!

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Projects Barry has worked on…

"I have worked on Kids Feeding Team, the career form submission, email signatures and SLT for Kids. That one had required me to build a site from the ground up, bringing a 1 page site into a whole new brand, this was fun and exciting to see a company grow into such a fun and creative site."

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